My new single release ‘Tom Deliver’ is here! This was the first song I wrote after relocating from Victoria, Australia to my spiritual home of Tasmania in 2018, after 25 years away from the island.

Having listened to Tom Petty’s album ‘Full Moon Fever’ on repeat for several months leading up to the writing of the song, ‘Tom Deliver’ moves out of the doldrums I was experiencing and into a new world of giving and celebration. A peeling back of the layers to find that everything I needed I actually already had. Finally, all the seeds I’d planted along the way were flowering, spreading and bearing fruit.

In the song I put a call out to Tom Petty himself as a posthumous tribute and salute to the love I have for his song writing, requesting Tom deliver inspiration for my new music and the road ahead.

On a cold winter Hobart morning I met my incredible creative team to shoot the video at Salamanca Arts Centre’s Peacock Theatre. I would like to acknowledge the talents of Rebecca Thomson, Sabio Evans, Liz Goulding and Maryanne Window and all who assisted along the way.

Darlings. Thank you! Love, Mon x

This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania by The Minister For The Arts.

I’ve seen so much kindness and it just grew out of a little seed that I planted. Never give up on your dreams!

June 2020

“There is wrecking in my head, full moon fever and I can’t get out of bed.”

Tom Deliver

Film direction, videography, editing & lighting design by Rebecca Thomson

Costume design by Sabio Evans

Hair & makeup by Liz Goulding

Colour grading by Richard Turner

Filmed at the Peacock Theatre, Salamanca Arts Centre Hobart

Buy the single – Tom Deliver Out Now!

Watch the results – Tom Deliver filmed and edited by Rebecca Thomson.